About Us

NaturaVitalis is a trading company that is an expert in natural products, especially essential oil and extracts. We offer the best single essential oils in our product list. We cooperate with main producers and provide herbal materials to maintain the best quality for the international markets according to global standards
Due to the purity and naturalness of these essential oils, they are suitable for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, aromatherapy, and households.
With our professional team, we can consult you to choose the best essential oil and we can provide analysis, MSDS, and descriptions of each product.
Our vision:
•    Cultivation of plants to ensure the quality and sustainability of raw materials 
•    standardization of compounds and active ingredients after extraction
•    use natural energy in the production chain
Our mission:
•    Creating organic farms
•    Using up-to-date knowledge and equipment to produce essential oils
•    Recognizing customer needs
•    Creating fast and reliable access to products

Our values
Long-term and mutual trust between us, our customers, and the supply chain are our core values.
Stability in products providing
Optimizing quality and price
Paying attention to customer needs

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